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Childcare is offered at our evening meetings!


The following are guidelines essential to the care and development of your children.

Important Things to Remember


  • When you drop off your child, be sure to sign-in your child each morning. Leave clear directions for feeding, napping and allergies on the sign-in sheet. 

  • If you remove your child for any reason, please be sure to sign-out your child as well (especially nursing moms) so that all children can be accounted for in the event of an emergency.

  • Please label your child’s belongings — especially bottles, pacifiers, drinking cups and diapers. 

  • If you have an infant, providing a small blanket is encouraged.

  • Have your child finish all food and dispose of gum before arriving.

  • When the meeting is dismissed, please pick up your child as quickly as possible and sign him/her out on the sheet.

  • Please try NOT to bring toys from home. If a familiar item is needed for comfort, please be sure it is labeled. 

  • Please provide diapers and wipes for your child in a labeled bag.

  • Remember to thank our KidsCo workers and volunteers.  We really appreciate their hard work and commitment to MomCo and want them to know how important they are.  

When Your Child Cries

We would love for your child to take advantage of the age-appropriate activities and lessons in our KidsCo program. 

We understand your child may need you at times! If your child needs to be with you to calm down, make sure to let our KidsCo coordinators know. Then do your best to sooth them IN THE LOBBY and take them back to childcare.  Our meetings are “kid free”. Topics of sex to Santa can be uncomfortable for MANY when kids are present.  If your child can not stay in childcare, please find care outside of MomCo.

Thank you for your courtesy, cooperation and understanding.

In our MOPS Kids program, we will come get you if your child has been crying for over 10 minutes.  This is for the well being of your child, the children around them and our teachers.  

KidsCo's Classroom Management Policies

Our goal for discipline is to maintain a fair and safe environment that encourages growth and development of your child’s self-esteem.  This environment encourages the building of interpersonal competence and self-discipline.


  • Rules shall be clear, understandable and explained to the child before and at the time of disciplinary action.  

  • Discipline will include positive guidance, re-direction, modeling of constructive handling of feelings, and resolution of interpersonal conflict, as well as setting clear limitations and use of logical non-punitive consequences.

  • Discipline may include non–punitive restraint to insure safety and to prevent destruction of property. It may include brief, supervised separation from the rest of the class in the form of “time–out” or withdrawal of certain privileges.

  • If a child develops a biting habit, it will be dealt with on an individual basis.  If your child bites other children twice in one day, you will be asked to pick up your child.  If the problem persists, you may be asked to find care outside of MomCo until your child’s biting habit is under control.

KidsCo reserves the right to deny admission to any child.  A child may be admitted on a trial basis.  A child may also be asked to leave the program should his/her behavior become so disruptive that the child endangers the well–being or emotional health of another child, themselves or a staff member.  

Children are expected to follow the rules, which provide safety and well–being to all children. 

KidsCo's Sick Policy

Children will be required to leave KidsCo with any of the following symptoms:


  1. Fever above 99 degrees (new COVID regulation).

  2. Severe diarrhea; more than two abnormally loose stools a day.

  3. Severe coughing-croup or whooping like sounds.

  4. Yellowish skin or eyes.

  5. Unusual rash or spots.

  6. Complaints of sore throat or difficulty in swallowing.

  7. Has Pink Eye–red or swollen eyes with abnormal discharge.

  8. Runny nose which requires excessive wiping or frequent care from a KidsCo worker and/or causes
    contact with others.

  9. Unusually cranky, less active, or loss of appetite.

  10. Presence of lice, scabies, or impetigo.

  11. Vomiting within the last 24 hours.

Children will be allowed to return when:

  1. Fever is below 99 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours.

  2. There is no indication of diarrhea or abnormal stools.

  3. Coughing is minimal.

  4. All rash/spots have been diagnosed and are not contagious.

  5. All Chicken Pox have scabbed over and child is comfortable.

  6. Pink Eye has resolved or child on antibiotics for 24 hours.

  7. There is no indication of a runny nose.

  8. Treatment has begun for lice, scabies, or impetigo for 48 hours.

  9. Vomiting has subsided for 24 hours.

KidsCo's Attendance Policy

  • If our childcare classes are full, we are sometimes required to place moms on a waiting list. Because this can happen, we adhere to the following policy:

  • To avoid the possibility of your child losing a spot in class, please remember to sign them in and out each meeting, and be sure they have a name tag.

  • Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will no longer be coming to KidsCo. 

KidsCo's Safety and Emergency Policies

  • Please remember to initial the sign-in sheets when you drop off OR remove your child(ren) from KidsCo for ANY reason. In the event of an emergency we will need to have an accurate record of who is in the building. 

  • Due to legal reasons, you must be in the building at all times while your child is in childcare.  Special permission/release forms are required and other regulatory guidelines apply for watching children when parents are not present.

  • Detailed interviews and background checks are conducted on all KidsCo teachers and helpers (over the age of 18) through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

  • The safety of your child is our first priority. In the event of an injury or medical emergency, the parent will be notified right away and an Accident Form will be filed for reference.

If You Have Any Questions Please Contact

Erin Wolf - KidsCo Coordinator - Text (620) 708-0161

Victoria Wilson / Rebekah Tasch - Woodland MomCo Coordinators (

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